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United We Stand.
.Tranent True Blues L.O.L.228 &
St. Paul's Church Defenders 1960

A Short History on how the the two lodges met.

In centuries past there have always been
strong links between Ulster and Scotland.
In times of war and trial the Protestant
people of Ulster and Scotland have always
stood side by side within Britain.

In 1976 there was an historic occurrence between these two peoples on the morning of the Twelfth of July the members of LOL 1960 along with their band were leaving the when Worshipful Master house in Brookmount Street, off Belfast,s Shankhill Road. By an extraodinary coincidence the late Bro Harry Miller a prominent member of LOL 228 had arrived in Brookmount Street seeking a lodge to walk on that twelfth of july demonstration.

To the disbelief of the Master of LOL 1960, Bro Miller wearing full Scottish kilt and regalia asked if he could walk with LOL 1960 on that day. Bro Miller was recieved as one of their number and walked with LOL 1960 to their twelfth demonstration to Edenderry. On the return Journey Bro Miller asked if he could carry LOL 1960 bannerette. LOL 1960 were only too glad to increase the appearance of their lodge with a Scotsman in full regalia carrying their bannerette. In the next few months Bro Miller met with members of LOL 1960 in Belfast and correspondence continued between the two lodges

Soon LOL 1960 recived an invitation to walk with LOL 228 at their annual demonstration, a number of brethen from LOL 1960 visited their Scottish Brethen ans stayed at their houses in Tranent and the nearby town of Prestonpans. In recent years large amount of brethren have attended each other's demonstrations to show our friendship and demonstrate our civil and religious liberties. LOL 228'S orange hall has recently been refurbished; they demonsrated the high esteem they have for LOL 1960 by having a decorative mural of LOL 1960 showing St. Pauls Church painted on a wall directly facing a mural of LOL 228 inside the orange hall. The Lodges also have a joint crest on their lodge ties

And so a frienship which was perhaps born out of coincidence has spanned over two decades and today the bond between LOL 1960 Belfast and LOL 228 Tranent is strong as ever.

The above history was presented to LOL 228 's Worthy Master from 1960's Worthy Master as a framed picture on the 29th June 2002 after our annual demonstration in Tranent.

Credit for this history goes to St Pauls Church Defenders LOL 1960
And long may our friendship continue.

This is one of my favorite images
This is the banner of St Pauls

Across the Sea

This is the mural we have painted in the hall. Opposite 228's